Owners Mark and Becky Doran purchased Premier Wines & Spirits in 1997. Mark and Becky's previous experience in the liquor industry were as sales representatives and brand representative for Anhauser Busch Brewing. In November of 1997 they purchased Premier (at the time) a run-down store desperately in need of repair. With humor,

Becky credits a blend of hard work and a general lack of understanding about the real world that lead to the purchase and subsequent success of Premier Wines & Spirits. "We were young and simply didn't realize the significance of what we had taken on. But we knew we wanted (more than anything) to succeed!" Success to them was and is always gaining customers.

"I'll take customer loyalty over bigger profits any day" Becky explains, "We're in it for the long run and the best way to keep customers is to provide them with a variety of quality products at a competitive price". Mark and Becky continue to expand their wine and beer knowledge and are always ready for lively discussions in store.

In 2003, they had a son, Owen. Thirteen months later they welcomed Elizabeth, their second child. By 2008 they had completed their family with the addition of their second daughter, Cameron. "I think our children are fortunate to witness their parents working hard and succeeding in a small business. It's getting increasingly difficult to find family run businesses in this country that can sustain a household. But we're here making it happen"!